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Long Term Loans 24*7 has association with most trustworthy lenders in UK and help people to get required loan from one place and within moments. We offer most competitive, no obligation quote and loan package so that everyone can solve financial obligations with ease.

Host of Profits You will Enjoy....

  • Special plans to support different groups of people
  • Get business loans, loans for students, loans for unemployed, unemployed loans and car loans.
  • Finance experts to discover the best finance deal that meets your fiscal desires.
  • Large or small amount can be borrowed as per the personal obligations.
  • Affordable and reasonable interest rates along with painless repayment terms.
  • 24*7 online application Services makes it easy to receive money now.

Some important plan to Follow....

  • Before sending your application for long term loans same day payout, you should be aware about your repayment terms.
  • Timely repayment is important as nonpayment can affect your credit history and score.
  • We will suggest you to take limited amount that execute your important obligations. Additional amount can add more burdens on you.
  • Check out all the terms and conditions beforehand as hidden terms can be harmful.
  • Make sure that you fill in the obligatory details correctly to avoid facing any trouble later.

Bad as well as Adverse Credit Acceptable with Us


Suffering from bad credit? Fear not! Long Term Loans 24*7 has different programs for the people with a history of bad credit. We evaluate the application of each customer on a person basis and present fiscal standing. Enjoy great collection of loans for applicants with good or poor credit ratings.

Why to Choose Long Term Loans 24*7?

You have lots of reasons to choose for help. We provide unsecured personal loans not only without hassle paperwork but no faxing are required to follow against the required money. We allow cash at cheap and affordable interest rates.

Simple Eligibility Conditions!

You need to be:

  • Working at present
  • Completed the age of 18 years.
  • Earning a regular salary every month
  • Holding a checking bank account at present

Hassle Free Online Application Services for All!

In order to application process hassle free and fast we have come up with friendly online services! Send your request now online.

Loan Examples

Here's a table outlining the amounts payable for typical payday loans taken out if repaid within 28 days

Loan Amount Total Repayable Interest
£50 £70 £20
£80 £100 £20
£100 £125 £25
£200 £250 £50
£300 £375 £75
£400 £500 £100
£500 £625 £125
£600 £750 £150
£700 £875 £175
£800 £1,000 £200
£900 £1,125 £225
£1000 £1,250 £250

Representative APR 1737%

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Fast online application
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Once accepted you'll get cash in your bank in 15 minutes

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Do I Qualify ?

YES - if you are a UK Resident
You need to reside in the UK and have a UK passport

YES - if you are Aged Over 18
You need to be 18 years or more to apply for a payday loan

YES - if you are Employed
You need to receive a regular salary cheque each month

YES - for Bank Account holders
You need to have a UK bank account to deposit your loan